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Completed Diploma Theses

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  Date   Title   Author  
  June 2009   Static RAM Design and Simulation Using Cadence Tool Flow, Aiming at Implementing Microlab's Memory Correction Technique Using a Tiny Cache Memory   Tsolakos Panos  
  Oct 2006   Design & modelling of a superscalar processor in HDL   Pilitsos Dimitris  
  July 2006   SoC Coprocessor Design with Behavioral Synthesis Techniques   Chasaki Danai & Leonida Agela  
  July 2006   Implementation of Microprocessors in XILINX FPGAs   Bekiaris Dimitrios  
  July 2006   Implementation of an FFT algorithm in VHDL   Moutsos Nikolaos  
  2006   Development of increased complexity lab exercises for PLAs   Pavlidis George  
  2006   Device Control with Embedded Ethernet & CAN bus   Mpourlakis Myron  
  July 2005   Surveillance & Tracing Systems with PLCs   Zarogiannis Lampros  
  July 2005   Implementation of an MP3 decoder using the AVR microcontroller   Rakopoulos Konstantinos  
  2005   Development of Educational Exercises & Applications for the AVR microcontroller   Kouzanidis Antonis  
  July 2005   Design & Implementation of Embedded Applications with XILINX FPGAs   Aslanidis Iordanis  
  2005   Wireless Automatic Watering System for rural areas   Sfakakis Emmanouil  
  2005   Design of low power arithmetic circuits with EDA tools   Stathousis Marios  
  2004   Testing of a Radiographic System modelled in VHDL   Trahanas Ilias  
  2004   Implemenation of a Digital Generator   Kshieboun Shadi  
  July 2004   Implementation of a Java Processor   Sideris Isidoros  
  July 2004   Implemenation of the Bluetooth protocol in ST10 Microcontroller   Dimos Vasilis  
  July 2004   Implementation of a Development Board based on ATMEL AVR   Aravantinou Margarita